Different Ways To Remove The Background From An Image

Taking photos without thinking about the background doesn’t mean that you can’t change it. This post teaches you different digital solutions to change the background of an image. You can make several changes while editing a photo for background replacement. Let’s try the following solutions to remove the background from an image. 

Try online tools

You may wish to put a mustache on your friend’s image. But all the mustaches can have annoying backgrounds. Also, you may want to compress an image without paying for a paid tool like Photoshop. After all, we recommend some of these tools that will help you erase the background without making more effort from your end. 

  1. Use Background Burner

It is an outstanding tool for removing background from an image. This tool provides a PNG file of the image after removing the background. But you will have to sign up for free to download the edited image from the platform. This tool also allows you to handle complex backgrounds. Follow the below steps to change the background.  

  • Visit the official site of Background Burner.
  • Make the image available on your device.
  • Hit the button called Choose a photo from the device or drag and drop the image into the respective field. Now the tool will start working to burn the background of the picture. 
  • Hit the Select button to get the best-edited image. If you find the edited image is not right, you can use the Touch-Up option to make some additional changes.    
  • After the required changes, see it on the right side.
  • Now hit the Login button to get the Download button. 
  • Use Clipping Magic      

Clipping Magic is the best alternative to Background Burner. It allows you to go into more detail. You will need to have a free subscription for downloading the resulting images. The tool offers several formats for effective editing. To begin the process, all you need to do is to upload the image to the platform.

To start the editing process, mark the foreground with a red stroke and background with a green stroke as Clipping Magic utilizes an automated program to find edges. If you forget to keep the details, the tool will then choose the background or foreground on its own. 

During the process, you will have a live preview of the image, meaning you can manage the results on the go. If we talk about the web app, you get some basic features like shadow and color adjustment. In addition to it, you will also have some cool tools to make the changes in the resulting product. All these things prove that the tool is perfect to handle some complex projects. If you have to edit a set of photosin the same manner, Clipping Magic allows you to make the settings default to edit all the images in the same way.   

Try desktop software

If you want to do pro-level editing, such as adding multiple photos into a shareable file, you should go with desktop software. Try the below tools to do more with your photos. 

  1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a paid software including several useful tools for making images awesome. You can easily play with your backgrounds with this tool, meaning removing background from images is simple and straightforward. You can take advantage of the free trial before paying for it. Moreover, follow the below instructions to deal with backgrounds on Photos

  • Launch the Photoshop and open the image through it. 
  • Use the Magic Wand or Lasso tool.
  • Select the background and use the Delete button to delete the background. 
  • Now you can save the new image as a PNG file. 
  • GIMP

Some editing tools share an almost similar look and feel as Photoshop. Here is a robust alternative to Photoshop: GIMP. It is free to use and performs virtually identical to Adobe paid program. Let’s see how to use it.

  • Under the Layers tab, hit the mouse’s right button on the image layer and then choose Add Alpha Channel from the pop-up. 
  • Use the Fuzzy Select Tool from the Toolbar. 
  • Hit the subject. Here we have chosen a black mustache. 
  • Now hit on Select followed by Invert from the drop-down. This act informs the tool to return the selection to the background instead of the subject. 
  • Finally, hit the Delete button. Now the white background will be removed. 

By following thesesteps, you can quickly delete the white background. You can use some other tools from GIMP for more changes. 

Source: https://ijstartcanonprinters.blogspot.com/2021/09/different-ways-to-remove-background.html

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